Mike Graham TAKES DOWN Remainer in brilliant rant ‘You think you’re more clever than us!’


RADIO broadcaster Mike Graham savaged Remainers who still claim they are “superior and more clever” than Brexiteers – even after the colossal defeat for Remain backers in the election last night.

Remainers faced a catastrophic wipe-out last night, as Boris Johnson’s pledge to “get Brexit done” won over voters at the ballot box. The Conservatives won a resounding victory, handing Boris Johnson a clear mandate to pass his Brexit deal after he won a 78-seat majority. Mike Graham challenge leading Remain campaigner Jonathan Lis on the narrative that Remainers are “better” than people who voted to leave the EU.

The talkRADIO host said: “Are you going to tell me that the people who voted to stay in the European Union are still going to think they’re better than the people who voted to leave?”

“That you think you are superior? Are you going they are more clever than that people who voted to leave?

“That is your narrative.

“People who voted to Leave across the country over the past three years have seen people in Parliament trying to block Brexit, people making deliberate decisions to stop it.”

Mr Lis responded: “It was Brexiteers who stopped Theresa May’s deal – it was the ERG, the DUP.

“Britain is a profoundly divided country.”

Graham hit back: “Britain needs to look forward instead of backward, if it stops regretting something that happened, and defends the losers and the winners – and accepts that it’s time to move on.”

Mr Lis, from the British Influence Deputy Director, suggested that Remainers were organising to thwart the Brexit trade negotiations which are set to take place after the January Brexit deadline.

The Remainer added: “We won’t shut up while negotiations are happening. We’re a democracy.”

Graham urged all Remain campaigners to stop trying to stop Boris’ Brexit deal, because it now had democratic legitimacy

He said: “You have to stop trying to block it from happening now.”

This comes after Gina Miller admitted that her battle against Brexit “is not over”.

The arch-Remain activist echoed Mr Lis after she signalled that Remainer tactics will move from stopping the Brexit deal to Britain’s future trading relationship with the EU.

Boris Johnson has told Remain supporters to “put a sock” in their demands for a second Brexit referendum.

The Downing Street mastermind Dominic Cummings told journalists that Remainers had “f***** it up” with their election strategy.


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