Millionaire left ‘penniless’ & living with his MOTHER after divorce sparked by moving Playboy model into flat


A MILLIONAIRE has been left “penniless” and living with his MOTHER because of a bitter divorce row after moving in with his Playboy model girlfriend.

Richard Rothschild, 45, claims he faces financial ruin after a costly legal battle with his ex-wife Charmaine de Souza.

The pair had a 21-year relationship, marrying in 2005, but separated in 2016.

After they split he moved his new girlfriend Sherra Michelle, into the couple’s $2million condo in Miami – enraging his wife who launched a legal dispute.

The millionaire has now complained he has been left with virtually nothing after an “unfair” court ruling saw Ms de Souza awarded their £1.85m business, plus cash and properties worth almost another £1m.

Mr Rothschild, who is launching an appeal, told MailOnline: “I’m now back living in London with my 75-year-old mother after they took my five houses.

“They sold my Lamborghini, a £400,000 car for around £95,000.

“But I don’t care, you can sell my things but you can’t take my happiness. I love Sherra and I can’t wait to marry her.”

I’m now back living in London with my 75-year-old mother after they took my five houses.

Mr Rothschild and his wife made their fortune running a successful telecommunications business in London.

The pair, who have two children, led a lavish lifestyle, with Mr Rothschild driving a Lamborghini.

When they split, the millionaire businessman continued to stay at their Florida beach property with Ms Michelle – despite being ordered to leave and threatened with a prison sentence in a legal dispute with his ex-wife.

After a long-running row, in December last year, divorce judge Mr Justice Cohen divided their wealth, awarding Ms de Souza, 46, the majority.

Mr Rothschild was given the Miami condo, which the judge valued at $3 million (£2.38m).

However, the businesmman argued it was worth significantly less and was effectively left with nothing after paying off debts including around £300,000 in legal fees.

Mr Rothschild, 45, was formerly known as Richard Pierzchalo-Piasecki but changed his name in 2016.

He is not part of the famous Rothschild family, who made a fortune in banking.

His lawyer, Patrick Chamberlayne QC, told the Court of Appeal: “The husband is left with nothing income wise or capital wise and the wife is left with the means to meet all her needs in the form of this business.

“The outcome was indeed that she would be largely debt-free, with a business worth £1.85m, and £18,000 per month net income (£216,000 a year). The income would also enable her to pay her rent.

“The husband, however, would end up…with, in effect, no capital at all, and no income.”

He argued that the Miami flat had been overvalued by £615,000.

“That would take his capital figure down from £23,938 to minus £591,000”, he said.

Mr Chamberlayne said the judge had “lost sight” of his client’s needs because Mr Rothschild had presented himself as an “unattractive personality, insensitive, over-confident and overbearing”.

The judge had made statements like “the husband has brought this on himself”, he explained.

He went on: “The overwhelming impression is that the judge sympathised with the wife’s position due to the husband’s behaviour, and it is no part of this appeal that he was not entitled to do so.

“However, that caused him to lose sight of considering both parties’ needs, and to reach the ultimate draconian outcome – all the net assets and available income go to one party, permanently, and the other party gets nothing, permanently.”

He urged Lord Justice Patten, Lord Justice Moylan and Lord Justice Newey to overturn the divorce judge’s ruling.

Charles Hale QC, acting for Ms de Souza, rejected Mr Rothschild’s claims.

The trial continues.


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