Model is slammed after complaining about a baby on a plane


A model has been slammed after complaining about a crying baby on a flight, saying she would prefer to sit next to an animal.

Angela Panari, 24, posted a photo to her Instagram story on Monday with the controversial post sparking outrage with fans.

The Indonesian model was abused online after sharing the image to her 1.9 million followers, that was captioned ‘I’d agree more with allowing pets inside the airplane cabin rather than babies.’ 

The post was only active for a short time but fans managed to screenshot and share the photo online.

‘I immediately deleted my story. The story was up for less than five minutes but some people captured it already until it went viral,’ Ms Panari told the DetikHot.   

Ms Panari was slammed by parents for the insensitivity during the flight.

Many said that she could be a mother one day and should be more sympathetic. 

The 24-year-old later apologized for the post in an Instagram message and said she acted out of frustration because the baby had cried during the entire trip. 

‘I apologize for the mistake I made because of my emotions. I was angered so I posted that story. I promise not to repeat this kind of behavior again and I took this as a lesson,’ she wrote.

Ms Panari claimed that she sympathised with the mother after she saw how stressed and exhausted her face was.

‘I took pity on her because she seemed so stressed out and her baby was still hysterical,’ she said.



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