Mom gives birth to son on neighbor’s front lawn is caught on doorbell camera


A mother-of-three in Virginia was caught on Ring doorbell camera giving birth to her baby boy on a neighbor’s front lawn when her water unexpectedly broke.   

Although the incredible moment took place in September 2019, footage of Amy Robinson’s delivery just released this week. 

According to Andrew Robinson, his wife went over to a neighbor’s home to ask if they could watch their two oldest children, Eleanor and Henry, while the couple went to the hospital. 

Unknown to Andrew and Amy, the newborn baby boy was already on his way. 

‘My wife’s due date was September 11, but as of her appointment on the sixth, we knew the baby was going to be arriving sometime in the next 24 hours,’ Andrew told Newsflare. 

Andrew said the pair thought they had at least a few hours before the baby arrived, but ‘out of nowhere things got intense.’ 

‘We decided to head to the hospital (about 1 mile away) a couple minutes after 5pm and around 5:08 my wife knocked on the neighbors door to watch the kids for 15 minutes or so until my parents could get over,’ Andrew said.   

‘Right after talking to our neighbor, another big contraction came while I was gathering the hospital bag.’

Andrew recalled the moment he heard his wife scream and her water suddenly breaking on the sidewalk. 

He said: ‘…Our neighbor helping her through contractions. With the previous two children, once the water broke, the baby arrived within minutes so I knew we had no time.’

Minutes after calling 911, Amy realized that she had to push and that the little bundle of joy would arrive before EMTs could reach the couple. 

‘Our neighbor went in to grab towels to keep the baby warm and by the time she came back outside around 5:17pm, baby boy Arthur Alexander had arrived right into my arms with my wife standing on the sidewalk and my 3-year-old son right next to me,’ said Andrew. 

Once EMTs drove onto the scene, they helped Amy through the rest of her delivery, cut the umbilical cord and loaded her into an ambulance with a healthy Arthur Alexander.

‘Everyone was fine and we now are adjusting to life with three little ones under four. It’s quite exciting in our home any given moment!’ Andrew said.  


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