Moment Asda employee faints front of Prince Charles – who tries to catch him


THIS is the moment a stunned Prince Charles was left watching on as an Asda employee fainted mid-conversation.

The Prince of Wales was speaking to the man outside the Asda Distribution Centre in Bristol when he started to sway and appeared unsteady.

Just seconds later the man was seen tumbling to the ground as he appeared to faint right in front of the stunned Charles.

The 71-year-old Royal attempted to reach out his arm to help as the man fell over backwards.

Charles is seen speaking the man at the beginning of the clip before he suddenly falls to the ground.

Within moments his colleagues run to his aid and check on his condition as Charles watches on.

The Prince looks concerned before appearing to be assured the man is okay and then moving on.

Other workers help the man to his feet and he is escorted away, before returning alongside his colleagues.

Appearing well after the stumble, he resumes his conversation with The Prince of Wales.

Charles had been visiting the distribution centre with his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Royal couple were there to thank workers who had put themselves at risk keeping supermarket shelves stocked amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Charles himself overcame his own battle with Covid-19, previously saying he “got away lightly” after beating the disease that has killed 44,602 Brits.

The Prince and Duchess attended the event which took place in a marquee outside the main building for the sake of social distancing measures.

Staff told the heir-to-the-throne how they had returned from retirement, worked extra hours, and postponed holidays to keep food and supplies hitting shelves.

Chris Tilly, 48, general manager of the distribution centre, said: “I think it is fantastic that the prince and duchess have taken the time out to come and meet colleagues.

“Every single colleague that they saw they thanked for what they had done during the last 14 weeks, which I was truly humbled by.

“They were really interested in what the colleagues did within Asda, how long they had worked for us and just wanted to know how they had been doing while working through the pandemic.”

Richard Sigward, 74, a warehouse operator, has been working for Asda for 17 years and told the couple that he refuses to retire.

He said: “The duchess was saying to me she definitely agrees that if people can work and are happy to do it, they should carry on.

“She said she refuses to retire herself. The prince was the same.”

Charles and Camilla, 72, also chatted with workers at the Turnbull & Asser shirt factory, where staff switched their entire production line to make scrubs for the NHS in the early stages of the pandemic.

Speaking to workers, Charles said: “Was it a very busy time trying to make these scrubs? You kept up with demand? Brilliant.

“It made such a difference and it made such a difference to the local GP as I managed to put them in touch with your beautifully made scrubs.”


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