Momentum you can F*** off! Labour voters savage Corbynista Marxists for DESTROYING party


LABOUR voters have SAVAGED the party’s hard-left pro-Marxist Momentum group for destroying their party and leaving Jeremy Corbyn on target for the worst election results since 1935.

The grassroots Labour activist group that has supported Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, since 2015 has been blamed for the party’s abysmal exit poll result. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their anger over the result which has seen Labour fall considerably behind the Tories.

One Twitter user wrote: “Momentum, own this. This is your work, be gone.

“You have burned your bridges, leave with Corbyn and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Another drew attention to the apparent “Corbyn Project” that the activist group has pushed onto Labour’s political agenda.

They wrote: “You did this Momentum, you and your absurd Corbyn project.

“You’ve given Populism and the hard right a platform to vindicate their vile behaviours for the next five years.

“You can f**k right off.”

Several others said they were now over the Momentum tide, explaining they were ready to return to the Labour Party that was before Mr Corbyn.

A user said: “Can I take this opportunity to encourage others to return with me to the Labour Party?

“I’m totally over this, Momentum have had their chance and totally ballsed it.

“Time to reclaim the party for the more moderate socialists by sheer force of numbers.”

Momentum was created in 2015, founded by Jon Lansman, Adam Klug, Emma Rees and James Schneider.

From its conception, Labour members and outsiders alike have worried over the groups perceived hard-left stance on politics.

Its official statement was to garner popular support and “to create a mass movement for real progressive change”.

The left-leaning nature of the group has forced many to lay blame on it for Labour’s gradual decline in popularity among its traditional voters.

In this vein, one Twitter user wrote: “Corbyn Out. Labour party need to bin momentum bin the marxists and bin the anti semites then and only then will they qualify to be HM opposition.

“Adios Comrade Corbyn and Reichmarshall Mcdonnell, Ttwo complete loons.”

Another claimed Labour had been gutted by the group, and wrote: “For those of us who didn’t vote for Boris, it’ll be a long night – and a longer five years!

“The savaging of UK Labour by Momentum is confirmed; how and where the Centre-Left re-groups is the challenge, Corbyn will be gone in the morning; clearing up his carnage will take longer!”

Mr Corbyn was among one of the least popular leaders of the main parties, according to research carried out by Opinium, with it reported that 58 percent of people disapproved of the Labour leader compared to just 20 percent that approved.

Boris Johnson’s, leader of the Conservative party, share was more balanced – his approval rating at 39 percent while his disapproval rating at 40 percent.

Many who took to Twitter largely attributed this lacking in popularity to Momentum.

Although some came to the defence of Momentum, the overwhelming majority of people scolded at what the devastation it had brought on the Labour Party.

One user said: “As tumbleweed rolls through the movement that has destroyed the once great Labour party, now bog off all of you Momentum.”

Another wrote: “It was a lot of noise and nastiness by a small number of Momentum thugs.

“They don’t in any way represent the views of the British people.”


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