Morrisons Launches Afternoon Tea Essentials Box for VE Day


Morrisons has discovered that people bloody love themed boxes of food being delivered straight to their doors, and is capitalising on that with the introduction of its Afternoon Tea For Two VE Day essentials box.

A number of supermarkets started flogging boxes of ‘essential items’ when lockdown kicked in and getting anything from the supermarket was nigh on impossible. Amongst the retailers picking up the fad were M&S and Morrisons, and the latter has really leaned into it, with seven food boxes in the current lineup. And now an eighth has joined the ranks, although the page is down because all of you eager beavers are flocking over there trying to order it no doubt.

The £15 Afternoon Tea For Two VE Day 75th anniversary box will hopefully be available again soon (Morrisons needs to sort its shit out already) and includes:

The majority of that sounds a bit shit, to be honest. Make a proper sandwich, for Christ’s sake. Sandwich filler is gross. And what kind maniac is ruining scones by putting sultanas in them? Save yourself £15 and a visit to a temperamental page and just order a few bits to recreate this with your next shop. [Metro]


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