Mother is charged after driving a few blocks with her teenage daughter clinging onto the bonnet


A mother accused of driving around town while her teenage daughter clung to the bonnet of her car has been charged over the stunt.  

CCTV footage allegedly shows the 56-year-old woman behind the wheel of a white sedan as it pulls into a driveway in Wagin, Western Australia.

Her 17-year-old daughter can be seen hanging onto the front of the car.   

Wagin Police took to social media to share the footage, sparking outrage from viewers who accused the mother of being irresponsible. 

‘You (would) think at 56, they would know better,’ said one person.

‘(This is) me when my mum tries to go to the shops without me,’ joked another. 

The woman was charged with performing an act that was likely to endanger the teen’s life.

She will appear in the Narrogin Magistrates Court later this month. 

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