Mother of man who allegedly stabbed a police officer with a SPEAR says he was in a ‘drug psychosis’


The mother of the man arrested after allegedly stabbing a police officer with a homemade spear said her son is ‘not like this.’  

Constable Jacob Vella, 24, was slashed in the neck and hands at a Sadleir home, near Liverpool, at 6.55am on Tuesday.

The officer had been visiting the property on Heckenberg Avenue to serve a warrant to 58-year-old, Ricky Constantino. 

His son, 27-year-old, Rory Constantino, allegedly lunged at the officer before attacking him with a spear made of a steel shaft on the end of a wooden stick. 

Rory’s mother, Lisa Feeny said to 9News, ‘He must be in a psychosis from drugs because he is not like this. I’m totally in shock.’

‘The weapon that was used to stab the police officer was a crude homemade weapon which comprised of a steel shaft on the end of a wooden stick, as I said it was a crude weapon,’ Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell told the The Daily Telegraph 

‘We’ve seen a number of incidents where officers have been threatened or wounded, I’ve said before it is a dangerous profession, there are people out there who don’t respect the police uniform and think it is alright to attack officers.’ 

Const. Vella was taken to Liverpool Hospital in a serious but stable condition – he had only joined the NSW Police Force in April 2017.

Rick Constantino was charged with use offensive weapon to prevent lawful detention assault and officer in execution of duty, and the outstanding warrant.

Rory Constantino has been charged with wounding person with intent to resist arrest, wound police officer executing duty reckless as to actual bodily harm, wilfully obstruct officer in execution of duty, two counts of assault officer in execution of duty, and two counts of resist officer in execution of duty.

Both men will front court tomorrow.  

A terrified resident described the neighbourhood as rough and said it was not unusual to see police passing on the street.

‘It’s a rough area. You normally see police cars patrolling the area, but obviously something has happened, it’s never like this,’ he said 

Another resident said officers at the time of the attack attempted to subdue the knife-wielding man.

‘The police was asking the dude to just take it [the knife]down, the challenge to kind of keep him at bay.’

One woman said she was enjoying her morning cigarette at home when she heard the loud police sirens.

‘I’m not sure how it happened you just heard all these sirens. 

‘Then I looked out the window and saw police with this man.’ 

Police could be seen combing the backyard of a house on the street with part of the road cordoned off.  

NSW Police Association president Tony King told ABC the community was devastated at the news. 

‘What some people seem to forget is that our police are women and men, just like the rest of us,’ he said.

‘They’re mums, dads, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons who do a difficult, unpredictable, and at times dangerous, job.’  

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