Mother vows she’ll never throw a kids’ birthday party again after ‘stressful’ event


A mother has vowed she’ll never host a children’s party again after becoming ‘upset’ at the behaviour she witnessed at her son’s eighth birthday.

The anonymous lady, who voiced her concerns on Mumsnet, said she had a number of issues with parents and children after throwing the event.

‘My dear son had his 8th birthday yesterday and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again,’ she said in the forum.

Is the mother overreacting?

Is the mother overreacting?

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‘I was quite taken aback by the behaviour of so many parents and some of the children too.’

That ‘behaviour’ was listed in a set of dot points and ranged from absent children to his friends ‘wetting themselves’.

‘Ten people didn’t respond to the invitation at all, one child turned up without RSVPing and one child sent an email RSVP acceptance 25 minutes before the party started,’ she said.

‘Two people who said they’d be there didn’t turn up and offered no explanation, about half the parents didn’t speak to me at all.

‘They just dropped their kids and ran without saying hello and then came and collected them without saying thank you.’  

She noticed many of the guests were rude about asking for a party bag, some didn’t greet her child as they entered the party room and some were crying throughout the event.

Worst of all, said the mother, was the way two parents paid for their younger children to play in a separate room without asking.

‘Two parents paid for their younger children to join the party (in a separate room from the rest of the play area) without asking,’ she said.

‘I would have said yes of course but it would be nice to be asked.’

Asking the forum whether she was ‘being unreasonable’ there were a number of varied responses from other mothers.

‘Unfortunately this is common behaviour and the reason I hate parties,’ wrote one person.

‘My friend threw one for her son last year (just turned six) and about 20 kids were dropped off by parents and left.

‘How she was expected to be able to care for 20 excited kids let alone make sure they knew how to get to the toilet was beyond me. Thankfully me and a couple of other parents stayed.’

Others said inviting a large amount of children was guaranteed to be chaos on the day and that only the birthday child’s close friends should attend.

‘I wouldn’t invite a load of adults I’m not particularly good friends with (or in some cases don’t even like much) to my birthday party, so I don’t understand why parents do it for their kids,’ another said.

But there was one particular aspect of the narrative people weren’t so sure about.

‘I really don’t see why the parents who paid for their younger children to play in an area separate to the party should’ve asked you though,’ one person said.

‘Surely that’s nothing to do with you or the party?’ 

There has been no response from the mother who posted the question originally.


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