Motorway roadworks speed limit to increase from 50mph to 60mph


Speed limits past roadworks on motorways will increase to 60mph.

Highways England said raising it from the usual 50mph would cut journey times and ease driver frustration.

Trials by the organisation over the past 18 months showed motorists and road workers would remain safe.

It found more drivers stayed within the speed limit when it was 60mph and average time savings ranged from 8% to 14%.

Highways England chief Jim O’Sullivan said: “We have a huge programme of work planned, so being able to use 60mph, where safe, will continue to improve everybody’s experience.”

Motoring groups welcomed the move.

AA president Edmund King said: “Sticking at 50mph often leads to other drivers tailgating in order to try to force vehicles to pull over.

“The speed limit for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes travelling on motorways is also 60mph, so sometimes this leads to tailgating in 50mph limits.”

Anthony Smith, of watchdog Transport Focus, added: “We know road users want speed limits in roadworks to be no lower than necessary to maintain safety.”


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