MP’s daughter accused of flushing heroin and cocaine down a toilet appears in court


The daughter of a Queensland MP tried to flush cocaine and heroin down a toilet after police arrived at her friend’s apartment.

Brianna Costigan pleaded guilty to charges of drug possession and having stolen goods in custody and received no conviction after an incident in Maroubra in April.

The 20-year-old had a bag of cocaine and a bag of heroin in her purse when she arrived at the Boyce Road apartment and found police there.

She told the officers she was collecting her passport from her handbag, when she fled to the bathroom and attempted to flush the drugs down the toilet.

‘Police pulled the accused away from the toilet and arrested her,’ the court facts stated, as reported by The Sunshine Coast Daily.  

The daughter of embattled Whitsundays MP Jason Costigan appeared in Waverley Local Court with her mother on Friday – but without the headscarf she had been wearing after converting to Islam in January.

Police found a stolen black and silver trolley, Ryobi generator and Coleman Cooker in the apartment that were reported missing from a locker on Anzac Parade.

Advertisements for the sale of the stolen goods were found posted from Ms Costigan’s Facebook profile, with her lawyer Ihab Jamal telling the court they were posted by her ex-partner.

Mr Jamal told the court Ms Costigan had been ‘pressured’ into holding the drugs for him.

‘I hope that partner stays ex,’ Magistrate Alison Hawkins said. 

In January, the UNSW scholarship student announced that she had married Ahmed Taha and changed her name to Brianna Taha on social media.

The pair have been accused of being involved in dial-a-dealer cocaine syndicate.

Mr Taha is facing 14 charges, with six of those related to cocaine supply between Pyrmont and Maroubra.

Ms Costigan’s lawyer previously argued in court that she was ‘not the brains of the operation’, and that she was relying on income made from dealing drugs while studying her full time law degree at university.

Mr Jamal said Ms Costigan was remorseful, and she was given an 18-month community release order for the stolen goods charge and a 12-month good behaviour bond for the drugs charge.

Before she moved to Sydney, Ms Costigan expressed an interest in local politics like her father and was a youth member for the Whitsundays. 

In January, Mr Costigan was expelled from the Liberal Party following accusations he harassed an 18-year-old woman.

She claimed he ‘stroked her on the back and hair’. Mr Costigan denied the allegations.

Queensland’s LNP booted out the embattled MP in January. 

However, MP Costigan later announced that he will not resign despite being expelled from the LNP.


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