MPs Plan Summer Camps to Ease Kids Back into School Routine


The UK might be about to adopt the summer camp model of extracurricular learning, as opening some schools for a little additional teaching during the summer holidays and before the autumn term starts appears to be on the cards.

Sources say it’s a plan written in the margin of a red exercise book owned by education secretary Gavin Williamson, one designed with the bold ambition of giving working parents a bit of time off so they too can start to think about getting back in a working frame of mind. If they haven’t been trucking, bleaching and serving through the pandemic already, that is.

The summer camps won’t be themed around traditional learning, mind, as there’s to be more of a focus on outdoors-friendly pursuits like arts, sport and general wellness, seeing as it is the summer holidays after all. The source says Williamson may announce the summer camp idea next week, but we’ll have to see if parents – who eschewed England’s patchwork school reopening – are ready to send their children off to mingle just yet. [The Times]

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