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Mum, 29, shocked to find McDonald’s burger for her daughter delivered without meat – before realising it was HER mistake


A MUM was left furious when she found out her daughter’s McDonald’s burger was delivered WITHOUT the meat.

Laura Heap, 29, shared a snap of the £1.49 Double Cheeseburger with no patty – before realising it was her mistake.

Her daughter Sienna, eight, was left distraught at the patty-less burger, as it was a treat for her doing well at school.

The 29-year-old – also mum to Pippa, three, ranted: “I’m fuming, I decided to get McDonald’s for me and my daughter.

“Uber Eats delivered, she asked for a Double Cheeseburger and this is what she got.”

The buns were smeared with ketchup – with no fillings inside.

Laura, who lives 15 minutes away from the McDonald’s in Accrington, Lancs, added: “I tried ringing McDonald’s, but they were not answering.

“I’d walk down if it was round corner.”

It prompted humorous responses from pals and locals after getting hundreds of comments and likes.

One quipped: “If 2020 was a burger.”

Another said: “Think that the burgers are taking social distancing to the extreme.”

A third chipped in and added: “What’s wrong with a ketchup butty?”

Others were more sympathetic with one saying: “Should be able to report it through Uber eats app surely.”

One friend said: “Ring them and tell ‘em.”

Angry Laura, whose boyfriend Adam Jopson, 32 is dad to Pippa, replied: “I’ve tried no b****y answer.”

The pal added: “It’s annoying when you have paid for the burger

“I would keep trying.”

But after checking her order Laura spotted it was actually her mistake.

Embarrassed, she added on Facebook: “Well guess what everyone? I’m a idiot.

“Because my daughter doesn’t like the extras, just the beef burger and cheese, I have clicked no onions, no mustard etc.

“I’ve just checked the receipt and I’ve clicked NO BEEF PATTY.”

One friend said: “This is hilarious, I was going to suggest checking but thought I might have got some stick.”

Care home kitchen assistant Laura said: “I thought I’d amuse everyone and tell them.”

She added today: “I was so gutted for my daughter

“So on Friday I said to my daughter Sienna, do you want McDonald’s for tea because she got writer of the week at school.

“She said ‘Can we not have a curry instead?’ but I didn’t fancy a curry.

“So I said we will have that Tuesday instead and then the McDonald’s came and I got her Double Cheeseburger out the bag and I thought that feels a bit light.

“I looked in the box and it was a bun with tomato sauce on, I was fuming.”

But she added: “But it was my mistake I clicked no beef patty, I eventually realised when I checked the receipt.”

McDonald’s and Uber Eats have been approached for comment.


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