Mum accused of child neglect after daughter’s nasty allergic reaction to Nutella


A mum has told how she was accused of neglecting her daughter after the youngster suffered an allergic reaction from Nutella which left her covered in eczema.

Jasmine Nur, 26, was watching Zobiyah, four, enjoy a packet of Nutella & Go, as they were doing their food shopping.

The stay-at-home mum, from Auckland, New Zealand, didn’t think much of it and continued browsing the supermarket.

However, while she was wiping her daughter’s face she noticed she was breaking out in hives which she said appeared in places that were in direct contact with the Nutella chocolate.

Jasmine panicked and immediately rushed Zobiyah to hospital where a nurse gave her a fast dose of antihistamine to reduce the swelling.

However, the youngster would go on to suffer allergic reactions from other foods and steroid creams, as well as rashes and eczema.

The eczema became so severe, strangers made cruel assumptions about Jasmine’s parenting.

Recalling the incident that happened in 2017, Jasmine said: “We were out grocery shopping and she happened to have found a Nutella & Go packet.

“She opened it up and immediately started munching away. I didn’t think anything of it. I continued doing my shopping and got back to the car.

“As I started wiping her face, that’s when I noticed she started to get hives whilst I was wiping away. They were literally appearing in all the places that the Nutella touched.”

Zobiyah was kept under observation at hospital for a number of hours before being given her prescription then sent home.

But a week later, Zobiyah started developing severe rashes around her eyes and hands.

Jasmine didn’t know what to do and after a few days, Zobiyah started to get feverish and her rashes became infected.

Thinking she had chicken pox, Jasmine gave her Pamol but her husband, felt certain that it was something else, so they took her to the hospital again.

The nurse then diagnosed her daughter with eczema and prescribed a steroid cream called Hydrocortisone.

Over the years, Jasmine noticed her eczema got worse and began to spread all over her body.

In April, she did some research on the usage of steroid creams and came across topical steroid withdrawal, also known as red burning skin and steroid dermatitis.

Symptoms of this reaction include redness of skin, a burning sensation, and itchiness.

Jasmine then decided to completely stop her daughter from taking the medication and has now let her skin heal naturally.

Throughout her journey Jasmine admits that strangers who see Zobiyah judge her and even wrongly accuse her of neglecting her daughter, despite her desperate attempts to heal her.

Jasmine is speaking out now as her goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of steroid creams and the importance of letting skin heal naturally.

Jasmine says that whilst the purpose of the steroid was to alleviate her symptoms and eventually get rid of her eczema, it did the complete opposite and her condition became worse.

Even though Zobiyah is no longer using the steroid cream, her skin is still quite severe and she is unable to go swimming, as she reacts badly to chlorine.

As well as being allergic to Nutella chocolate, she is also allergic to tomatoes, citrus foods and fruits and also spicy food.

“[I felt] Heartbroken [at the time of her diagnosis]. It happened suddenly,” Jasmine said.

“So I wasn’t able to process the fact that she had gotten it so suddenly,” she said.

“I was upset because she never had it. Her skin was so clear when she was a baby.

“Sadly, when it started, everyone who was used to seeing her clear skin always questioned, ‘How did it happen?’ and I felt like I was being judged because to some, it seemed like I neglected my child.

“Apart from the fact that she can’t go swimming due to her skin reacting to chlorine, I try and let her do what every child her age does.

“Eliminating things that trigger her eczema [helped alleviate her symptoms]; so, no foods that don’t suit her, as well as using proper material clothing and bed sheets.

“[I have learned about] Natural healing and how I don’t need to believe that only steroids will help her eczema.
“Just believe in yourself. This will take time. But it’ll get better.

You’ve just got to be patient and purely believe.”

A Ferrero spokesperson said: “We provide all allergen information on the packaging of our products, in accordance with local legislation.”


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