Mum makes over messy linen cupboard organised perfection streamlined


A savvy Australian mum has revealed how she overhauled her messy linen cupboard and transformed it as a birthday gift to herself.

The woman shared photos on Facebook showing the storage area full to overflowing with bedding, unfolded laundry and appliances and the newly transformed space.

‘A little something I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks, a birthday present to myself – a linen cupboard makeover,’ she captioned photos showing her linen cupboard before and after.

The clever mother said she streamlined the space using items she bought from Kmart and Bunnings and finished the whole thing off with a fresh coat of paint.

Revealing details of how she arranged the space, the mum said she used a mixture of storage boxes from Kmart.

These included grey felt lidded boxed, priced at $6 each, which were used to line the top shelves. 

The two middle shelves were organised using a selection of bamboo-framed laundry boxes, priced at $15 each.

Bamboo baskets, also from the budget retailer, priced at $15, lined the bottom shelves.

Large plastic tubs which come with lids and wheels, priced at $8, were used as storage underneath the shelving unit. 

A broom tidy from Bunnings, priced at $12.95, put an end to untidy items cluttering up the floor.

A jute rug, a plant holder, framed print, mini step ladder and a fresh coat of paint provided extra decorative touches.

Those who’ve seen the stylish space on a Facebook group dedicated to Kmart have been quick to praise the mother for her efforts with some describing the room’s organisational air as ‘so satisfying’.

Further down the thread, the mum also shared a photo of her pantry which not only revealed her knack for decluttering but prompted others to ask if she’d arrange their homes too.

‘I envy both your large linen press and your awesome organisational skills! Well done! It looks awesome! Said one.

Another said: ‘I read the beginning thinking “linen cupboard, how boring” but then I saw the pictures and now I am dying of jealousy.’

‘Nice,’ a third said. ‘Think we should hire you to sort out our spaces.’


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