Mum-of-two killed in brutal attack by wild bear as she walked near picturesque lake


A MUM-OF-TWO was killed in a brutal attack by a wild bear as she was taking a stroll near a picturesque lake.

Anastasia Lukashova was ambushed by the predator while she was on holiday with her family in Severo-Yeniseysk, Russia.

The 39-year-old businesswoman had gone walking alone when the bear attacked her on the shores of Lake Lesnoye.

Brutalised by the creature, she was left greviously wounded and without help until her husband noticed she had not come back.

Russia police said he drove around looking for her and discovered her injured, but alive.

He attempted to rush her to hospital, but she reportedly died before they could get there.

Cops said Anastasia was alone when she was attacked, despite other reports she had been with her daughter.

Police are now investigating to further understand the circumstances of the attack.

Hunters have also been called in to try and find the bear in case of any further attacks on humans.

It is believed the woman was attacked by a brown bear, with the species weighing up to 600kg and being up three metres tall.

The bears have large curved claws that can grow up to four inches long and have large strong teeth.

Regional police told Podyem: “The attack happened today in the taiga by Lake Lesnoye, next to the village of Baikal.

“The woman was walking on the forest road when she was supposedly attacked by a brown bear. 

“Her husband found the wounded woman and drove her hospital, but sadly she died on way to hospital.”

Many regions in Russia have reported a higher-than-usual number of bear attacks on humans in 2020.

It is theorised that hot and dry weather may have resulted in food shortages for the bears – with them unable to forage for fruit.

Bears are therefore being driven to have more contact with humans as they go searching for food.


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