Mum who hasn’t put laundry away for months shows off huge pile and it really sums up 2020


For the last few months, the world has been dealing with a global coronavirus pandemic and many of us have been in lockdown and isolation.

For parents who weren’t able to work during this period, the time off meant they got to spend more time with their children – but they also had to try their hand at homeschooling.

Juggling this and everything else that has been going on would no doubt have been stressful, so it’s only natural that household chores might have been pushed to the side.

One mum decided there was one specific job at home she just couldn’t be bothered to keep up with over the last two months – the laundry.

Mum-of-four, Kodie Quinlivan, has been washing clothes, but not folding or putting them away for weeks.

The result was a gigantic pile of laundry in her living room, which she has dubbed ‘Mount Fold-more’.

The parent, from Perth, Western Australia, shared a snap of the mess on social media, where she quickly went viral.

Writing on the Mums Who Clean page, she said: “During COVID an homeschooling four kids I didn’t bother about folding any washing, it ended up like this! I decided to sit on it, take a picture and own it…”

She went on to explain that she’d had some sewage issues in her home over the last few weeks, which had also distracted her from sorting the washing.

The mum added that eventually she had enough and decided to let the dry cleaners deal with her washing – the clothes had been sitting there so long they needed another clean.

Around 50 bags of garments were returned to the home from the dry cleaners folded and good as new.

So now Kodie is once again faced with the task of putting them all away.

People on Facebook were quick to praise the mum for her washing pile as they found it one of the most relatable things about this year.

“I’m currently working through my Mount Fold-more. Glad I’m not the only one who has one,” commented one person.

Another said: “I’m so glad I’m not the only one, certainly no judgement from me.”

A third branded Kodie a “queen” for posing on the washing pile as if it were a throne. They posted a crown emoji and saying: “Here queen, you dropped this”.

Someone else added: “A strong woman always finds a solution!! You’re nailing it.”

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