Municipal : Philippe, Schiappa, Pannier-Runacher, Attal, four more ministers in the second round


On 15 march, they were 10. On 28 June, they will be four. Among those who have been elected in the first round and those in which the list has been beaten, there are four members of the government candidates in the second round of the municipal elections.

Five elected in the first round, a eliminated

Gérald Darmanin (Action and public accounts) has been elected the upper-hand in Tourcoing (North). It remains first deputy of the city. His colleague from the Culture, Franck Riester, the was blown away at Coulommiers (Seine-et-Marne) with 58,85 % of the vote. Sebastian Lecornu (Communities) has also been elected to Vernon (Eure), where he was in tandem with François Ouzilleau (66,37 %). Marc Fesneau (Relations with Parliament) came to Marchenoir (Loir-et-Cher) on a single list that has collected 91,30 % of the vote. Geneviève Darrieussecq (with Armies) to Mont-de-Marsan (Landes) was on the list of outgoing mayor Charles Dayot. The elected MoDem got 53,94 % of the vote, and was re-elected in the first round.

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari (Transport) has, by contrast been eliminated in Limoges (Haute-Vienne). The list of Monique Boulestin, on which he was, got only 7,66 %.

Edouard Philippe in a duel in le Havre

“We must remain mobilized and it will go away “. On the evening of the first round, the 15th of march last, the Prime minister wanted to be serene. Of course, it happened far in the lead with 43.5 % of the vote and his opponent, communist Jean-Paul Lecoq (35,87 %) has not managed to unite all the left behind him – no agreement with environmentalists who can’t keep up with 8,28 %. But Lecoq’s hopes of rallying to himself all those who wish to drop the tenant of Matignon.

Edouard Philippe knows that the will of a voting sanction may weigh. While rumors of a reshuffle remain vivid, he was keen to express it again in mid-June in an interview with the daily newspaper Paris-Normandie that he would -for now – remain Prime minister. “If the voters trust me, I’ll be back in le Havre. Later in may 2022 “, he yelled before adding ” but may be much earlier “.

Marlène Schiappa in Paris, in the Fourteenth

The secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men was launched in the Fourteenth arrondissement of Paris for LREM on the list led by Eric Azière. On 15 march, it came 3rd with 16 % of the vote, behind the list of Carine Petit (ex-PS, 32 %) and that of Marie-Claire Carrère-Ironment (LR, 20 %). Depending on the outcome of the June 28, Marlène Schiappa is not assured of being elected to the city council.

Marlène Schiappa in support of the political meeting LREM at Bobino in January 2020. LP/Olivier Corsan

Agnès Pannier-Runacher in the Sixteenth

The secretary of State to the minister of Economy and Finance is on the list led by Hanna Sebbah, colistière Agnès Buzyn in the Sixteenth arrondissement of paris. With 23,56 % in the first round, that list has been widely advanced in the first round by the LR of Francis Szpiner, who harvested 47,81 %.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, here in January at the output of a council of ministers. The Parisian
Agnès Pannier-Runacher, here in January at the output of a council of ministers. The Parisian

Gabriel Attal in Vanves

The secretary of State to the minister of national Education and Youth is a candidate for Vanves (Hauts-de-Seine). The list LREM, on which it is number 2, arrived in second position (23,07 %) largely behind the list IDU (47,22 %), and just in front of the list EELV (22,31 %).

“You will find the results of the second round as early as June 28,


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