Music from above: WATCH pianist play concert while hanging upside-down at 40m height


Swiss pianist Alain Roche’s first performance after the lockdown turned out to be high flying both figuratively and literally as the man and his instrument were hanging from a crane 40 meters above ground.

More than a hundred music-lovers gathered at a construction site in the French city of Nantes on Friday to witness the unconventional show.

They were all seated in deck chairs and given headphones so they could conveniently observe the levitating performer while listening to his music in good quality.

Putting a massive piano in the air at 90 degrees was all about “overturning codes and conventions,” Roche explained to RT’s Ruptly video agency. “It’s to confront the classic side of a pianist… with this raw, strident and dirty world of a construction site.”

And the audience was left impressed with what they saw and heard. “It was an extraordinary, magical experience, urban poetry,” one of the witnesses of the concert said.

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