Naked man struts along busy Oxford Street wearing nothing but g-string face mask


A man was spotted strolling down London’s Oxford Street wearing a face mask as a thong today.

Passersby were left astounded and shocked at the sight, which coincided with the first day face masks were required to be worn in shops and supermarkets in England.

Banks, sandwich shops and post offices are also covered by the law, which comes with the risk of a £100 fine.

The apparent stunt – potentially in protest against the new rules – caught passerbys by surprise, with some taking pictures on their phones while others simply stared.

It was unclear what prompted the stunt but masks became compulsory on Friday in English shops.

The apparent snub of the rules came as McDonald’s were forced to ask customers to leave because they weren’t wearing face masks when picking up food to go.

Pictures emerged of staff at a McDonald’s outlet in Chelmsford speaking to bare faced customers at tables and turning others away when they have no mask on.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told The Sun : “In line with Government guidance in England takeaway customers are required to wear a face covering at all times while in our restaurants.

“Also in line with the guidance, dine-in customers can go directly to a table and order using the My McDonald’s App without a face covering, but should wear one if moving around the restaurant – for example using the self-order screens, ordering at the counter or if using the toilets.”

In places such as McDonald’s – where people can both eat in and order take away – that has led to confusion.

In the UK, if you ignore the new law, or flout the rules, you could face a fine. Here’s nine rules you need to know now it’s become a legal requirement.


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