NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Speculated To Put Veteran Forward On The Trade Block


The Chicago Bulls are looking to improve their lineup after a disappointing season. With all of their struggles this year, the franchise is looking to put their veteran forward Thaddeus Young on the trading block.

Per Sir Charles In Charge, the team should consider moving around their roster for years to come. Moving Young may attract other teams with how he’s able to provide experience for any starting role given how he’s a 12-year veteran in the league. The Bulls still have two more years left in Young’s contract estimated at $28 million. Trading Young away may be what the team needs more in rebuilding its lineup for the future. 

This season, Young has been averaging 10.3 points per game. The consistency he has on the field is also evident with 44.8% shooting from the field. To add to these, Young remains active on the floor and can step up when needed. In 64 games played this season, the six-foot-eight forward remains active on the defensive side and is averaging 1.4 steals an outing.

Despite the potential of Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen, the Bulls remain as one of the teams struggling in the Eastern Conference. The team is stacked with young talent who is capable of scoring in high bursts. Trading away Young for younger assets is a feasible move the front office can take in the coming months.

It’s important to note that LaVine has blossomed into an offensive threat while Markkanen remains a steady option from the perimeter. With LaVine as one of the top players of the Bulls, he’s already averaging 25.5 points a game and makes 3.1 threes per game. To add to these, rookie Coby White has shown flashes of brilliance with the way he can easily score at will when given the opportunity.

While plans are not final yet for Chicago, it would be interesting to see how the Bulls will strategize for the seasons to come. Trading away veteran players for younger assets that they can develop in the future may assist the Bulls in terms of their rebuilding phase.


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