NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Speculated To Trade Starter For All-Star Center


The addition of Danny Green has definitely worked wonders for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. His unparalleled impact on the team, however, is deemed as a double-edged sword that could either keep him as part of L.A.’s desired long-term success or have him used as a trade asset to acquire a more imposing weapon like All-Center Rudy Gobert.

Jonathan Kiernan of the Lake Show Life sees this move unfolding, but not until the Lakers offer more talents besides Green. In his projection, Kiernan stated that the only way the Utah Jazz could accept a swap offer is if Rob Pelinka includes Kyle Kuzma, JaVale McGee, and a 2020 first-round pick in the package.

Obviously, the Jazz has the right to demand such a deal in return. Not only is Gobert an unquestioned All-Star, but the French big man has also been the benchmark of rim protection in the NBA since he seized the Defensive Player of the Year awards over the last couple of years.

According to Kiernan, Gobert triggering a falling-out with his teammates at Salt Lake City with his reckless acts during the entry of the COVID-19 scare has signaled an impending breakup in the process.

“Before COVID-19 this trade scenario would be inconceivable. A lot can change in four months,” Kiernan wrote. “Gobert has divided the locker room in Utah. He purposely put his teammates, staff, and opposing players at risk by not respecting the guidelines about touching the microphones and put his teammates at risk.

“Gobert got COVID-19 and in turn, it is understood that he passed it onto his fellow teammate, superstar Donovan Mitchell. While both players are no longer infected, the potential for something fatal to happen to Mitchell and his fellow teammates was at an unacceptable level.

“It is quite unlikely that the Jazz will be able to repair this relationship and in turn, it might become likely that they will move on from Gobert.”

The Lakers adding Gobert will establish a more indestructible interior defense for the team that already boasts Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard – both of whom are proven effective paint and rim protectors.

The Jazz, on the other hand, are not entirely disadvantaged with the deal. A sharpshooter in nature, Green can bring his two-way arsenal and leadership to Utah. His impact may sometimes not reflect on the stats sheet, but the intangibles that he is able to provide would be pivotal in the team’s intended success.



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