Netflix Isn’t Blocking VPN Users Anymore But is Hiding Regional Titles


Netflix has quietly made some changes that will affect VPN users, and it’s probably because of the pandemic.

After blocking all VPN services back in 2015 it seems that Netflix is having to loosen up its restrictions to accommodate users who have been stuck at home during lockdown and want to enjoy streaming content while protecting themselves on the internet. As it was, just using a VPN for security purposes would present you with a ‘proxy error’. Now it seems like the service will only display content available globally if it detects you’re using a VPN, while hiding anything with regional restrictions. uNoGS – a site that maintains a database of Netflix content available in different countries, was the first to notice the change, saying:

“We first noticed major changes with Netflix around May 1st. Along with forcing us to re-write a bunch of our legacy tools we noticed that a lot fewer titles were showing up with our scraper scripts.”

So if you’re using a VPN and notice that some content has gone AWOL, that’s why. But Netflix has yet to speak up on the subject, so some VPN users may not twig why the list of available titles has shrunk. But on the plus side, any content VPN users do see should be able to be played without incident or pop-ups. [TorrentFreak]


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