New Lebanese PM vows hard work to form gov’t


BEIRUT, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — Newly-appointed Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said on Thursday that he will work hard to form a new effective government to protect his country from the current crisis, the MTV channel reported.

“I will be consulting other parties and civil society protesters and listen to all opinions prior to government formation,” Diab said after his meeting with President Michel Aoun and House Speaker Nabih Berri following his appointment.

He noted that the protests in Lebanon have created a new direction in the political life.

“I listened to your voices over the past 60 days which reflect the anger at the widespread corruption. Your demands should be considered as an alarm implying that we should never go back to the period before Oct. 17,” Diab said.

The new prime minister also called on the Lebanese to join in the measures to protect security and political stability.

Diab is expected to form a new government after he secured 69 out of the 128 parliamentary votes on Thursday.

Lebanon is in dire need of a government capable of dealing with the current economic crisis and saving the country from further deterioration.


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