New South Wales road rule could cost you $191 if you splash mud on a person waiting at bus stop


A little known road rule could cost you thousands of dollars if you splash mud on pedestrians while driving in the rain. 

New South Wales motorists can cop a fine of $191 if they’re caught driving through a muddy puddle and splashing a pedestrian waiting at a bus stop. 

This offence is not punishable in any other state. 

All drivers must take care and slow down when they see people waiting at a bus stop.

Motorists must not splash mud on any person on a bus, any person entering or leaving a stationary bus, and any person waiting at a bus stop. 

Any driver who deliberately splashes bus passengers can face an on-the-spot fine worth 20 penalty units which is currently costed at $191.

A motorist who disputes the matter in court and loses could end up paying up to $2,200, according to Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia writers Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.

Despite this obscure road rule, motorists who splash pedestrians who are simply walking on the footpath would not be fined. 

Nor would motorists who splash only clean water on passers-by.

It is unclear how much dirt has to be in the water for it to be be defined as ‘mud’. 


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