New York removes anti-crime unit of police officers dressed in civilian clothes


The drive new york-based anti-crime built by plainclothes policemen will be dismantled, announced on Monday, may 15, 2020, the head of police of the city, in the middle of protests throughout the united States that require reforms in the forces of law and order after the death of George Floyd.

The chief of police of New York (NYPD) , Dermot Shea, said that the 600 police officers that make up the unit, criticised by minorities to the root of your hard hand, will assume other responsibilities.

“This is a seismic shift in the culture of how to work the police New York in the city,” said Shea journalists.

The unit is focused on violent crimes and was involved in some of the shootings most notorious of the Big Appleaccording to The New York Times.

“It is time to move forward and change how we view the police in this city. We can do it with intelligencewith cunningand not with brute force” said Shea.

The united states is shaken by mass demonstrations across the country after the death of Floyd, a black man, at the hands of a white police officer on may 25 in Minneapolis.

The protesters they demand reforms in the police, including large budget cutsand the end of the racism is endemic and the brutality of the forces of law and order.

Police officers new yorkers have been filmed beating protesters who failed to respect the curfew imposed during a week to prevent looting.

Several police officers have been disciplined, and at least one was indicted for push and knock down a protester who asked why he could not walk in the street. The young man had to be hospitalized.

For the head of the NYPD the measure is equivalent to the removal of the municipal policy of detention and registration of residents of neighborhoods in high-crime known as “ stop and frisk ” , which was as white indiscriminate minorities, black, latino, and muslim, and it was imposed by the former mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The state of New York -as other of the country, cities and communities – had already been adopted last Friday a package of measures intended to put an end to the police violence against black people.

One of the measures prohibits the manoeuvre of suffocation, and bears the name of Eric Garner, a black man choked to death by nypd in 2014. The same maneuver caused the death of Floyd, when the police officer Derek Chauvin squeezed the neck with his knee for nearly nine minutes.

Another measure repealed the clause 50a, which protected officers accused of abuses.

This clause maintained as confidential throughout the history of the police, including their disciplinary sanctions, and prevented the public to know if they had committed abuses in the past.

The NYPD account with more than 36,000 officers and is the largest in the country.



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