Nicole Schmidt, Gabby Petito’s mother, is who she is.


Nicole Schmidt, Gabby Petito’s mother.

The cause of death of vlogger Gabby Petito was strangulation, according to autopsy results released on October 12.

Following the press conference where Gabby’s autopsy results were revealed, Gabby’s missing fiance’s attorney, Brian Laundrie, issued a statement, which Gabby’s mother quickly responded to.

Nicole Schmidt is Gabby Petitio’s mother, and Joe Petito is her father.

Gabby’s mother took to social media on Thanksgiving Day 2021 to pay tribute to her late daughter and express gratitude for her life.

She wrote, “Gabby will always remind me to be grateful for every moment, every breath, and every memory.”

“I’ll always be grateful for what I’ve had and what I have now.”

“Living with love, laughter, and gratitude is the best way to live.”

Gabby’s mother reported her missing on September 11, 2021, after not hearing from her for 13 days.

“No service in Yosemite,” the YouTuber’s last text said, but her mother said she couldn’t be sure it was her daughter who sent it.

“I did receive a text from her on the 27th and 30th, but I’m not sure if it was technically her or not because it was just a text,” she explained.

I didn’t say anything to her.”

Meanwhile, after the FBI announced that a body found was believed to be Gabby’s, her father posted a photo of her on Instagram.

The heartfelt tribute portrays the 22-year-old in front of a mural of colorful angel wings with the caption “she touched the world.”

“Gabby Petito’s death at such a young age is a tragedy,” Brian Laundrie’s family attorney, Steve Bertolino, said in a statement following the press conference where the results of Gabby Petito’s autopsy were revealed on October 12.

“While Brian Laundrie is currently charged with the unauthorized use of Gabby’s debit card, Brian is only considered a person of interest in relation to Gabby Petito’s death,” Bertolino said.

“Brian is still missing at this time, and once he is found, we will deal with the pending fraud charge against him.”

Gabby Petito’s mother responded to Brian Laundrie’s attorney’s statement to WFLAJB TV reporter J B Buinno.

“His words are garbage,” she declared.

“Continue talking.”

Gabby’s parents have not seen their daughter in a long time.

Gabby and Brian Laundrie had left Florida to attend Gabby’s brother’s graduation at her mother’s home in Blue Point, Long Island’s south shore, Joe said.

On July 2, 2021, the couple left New York for a cross-country road trip, which is when Nicole last saw their daughter.

Gabby hasn’t been seen in quite some time…

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