Niger launches vaccination campaign with China-donated COVID-19 vaccines


NIAMEY, March 29 (Xinhua) — Nigerien Prime Minister Brigi Rafini declared Monday the launch of the country’s vaccination campaign with China-donated COVID-19 vaccines at the Niamey General Referral Hospital.

Rafini, after receiving his first dose of the Chinese vaccines, called on “all Nigeriens and even non-Nigeriens residing in Niger to be vaccinated because it is extremely important for the health of our populations.”

“I know what it (the disease) does and also the danger it represents for the lives of humans,” he said.

Health workers, the elderly with underlying health conditions, refugees and migrants are among the priority groups to be vaccinated, said Niger’s acting Health Minister Ahmed Boto.

On March 21, a batch of China-donated COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Niamey.

Niger has reported 5,001 COVID-19 cases, including 186 deaths and 4,590 recoveries. Enditem


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