Nigerian president calls for joint global action on common challenges


ABUJA, March 25 (Xinhua) — Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday called on the international community to further collaborate in tackling some of the major threats across the globe.

Growing challenges, including terrorism, insurgency, displacement of persons, and climate change, pose a real threat to human existence, Buhari said while receiving letters of credence from foreign diplomats in Abuja.

The Nigerian leader urged the diplomats to work towards building stronger relations, with a focus on providing joint solutions to rising human and natural challenges.

“I would like to lay emphasis on the need for us to come together to address and overcome our common challenges,” Buhari said during his speech at the ceremony.

“Terrorism, insurgency, displacement of persons, climate change, population explosion, human trafficking, corruption, poverty, and proliferation of small arms and light weapons are all either the sources of conflict or results of it.”

These challenges, though on a diverse scale, threaten the existence of humanity and human relations, said the president, noting that they underscore the need for the international community to work together to collectively identify appropriate measures to globally overcome the challenges.

Buhari told the envoys that the COVID-19 pandemic remains “humanity’s greatest threat,” as it not only affects public health but also has a devastating effect on people’s economy and livelihood.

“Although countries around the world have commenced the vaccine rollout against the pandemic, mitigating the spread of the virus and the impact of its infection remains a cause for concern,” he added. Enditem


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