Nimbin women escape from a flood after their car disappears under water in Northern NSW


Two women miraculously escaped from their car as it was swept under flood water in Northern NSW.  

Gill Sutherland, 67, and her niece Hannah, 30, were driving to Nimbin in the NSW Northern Rivers region when they crossed a flooded road on Saturday.

However, they quickly lost control of the car which was dragged into the deep deluge and began filling up with water. 

A father and his two young daughters in the car behind them narrowly avoided the same fate and stopped to record the shocking event unfold.  

In the clip, Ms Sutherland, a stakeholder manager, and Hannah can be seen climbing out of the car windows and wading through the flood as their vehicle completely disappeared from sight.

Speaking to Nine News, Ms Sutherland said: ‘Within 10 seconds, 15 seconds, we knew we where in trouble. The water started coming up through our feet, it fell, tipped and went down. It was pretty scary.

‘We’re both new to the area and we decided to go but we checked all the websites and it gave us this route.’  

In shocking footage of the incident, Ms Sutherland’s car was quickly swallowed up on a flooded rural road while the family behind could only watch in horror.  

‘What are we going to do? Stop! Oh my God, they’re actually stuck. Dad, stop!’ one daughter said in the clip.

The father, who was driving, stopped the car and jumped out to offer help as the two women climbed out of the window of their car. 

Seconds after the pair escaped the vehicle, the car was suddenly pulled under the flood water and completely disappeared from view. 

Watching the car submerge, one daughter said: ‘F***, holy f***! I’m sorry but that’s just f***ing weird! That is so bad! It’s gone! It’s literally gone!’  

Ms Sutherland shared the video to Facebook and explained they immediately went for drinks afterwards to cope with the shock of the incident. 

‘People in the car behind us took the video… They then drove us to the Eltham pub where we recovered after whiskey on the rocks (me who NEVER drinks spirits) and tequila shot for Hannah who rarely drinks at all!’ she wrote. 

Eltham has received 130mm combined rainfall on Friday and Saturday and was under a flood warning like the rest of the NSW east coast.  

Ms Sutherland, who works as a stakeholder manager for IDP Education Cambodia, warned of the dangers of driving through flood waters. 

‘Google maps and myroadinfo said route was safe, no warning signage that road not safe to travel, no flood depth gauges visible and it looked to us that the car in front had just crossed safely,’ she wrote. 

‘Sharing this to highlight how quickly the car fills with water and to point out that if our car didn’t have the safety feature to override the electric windows which had gone dead cos of the water, we would have gone down with the car!’ 

The flooded road has since been closed and cordoned off with warning signs. 

On Saturday, NSW SES Commissioner Carlene York urged motorists to never drive across flooded roads as they can be very unpredictable. 

‘Never drive, ride or walk through floodwaters. It’s too dangerous – and you never know how deep the floodwaters are, the condition of the road or how fast the water is flowing,’ Commissioner York said. 

‘Please keep clear of drains, creeks and causeways and if you are in a flood prone area avoid parking vehicles in low-lying areas.’ 

Since midnight on Wednesday, the NSW SES has carried out 20 flood rescues and received more than 2,600 calls for help.

Byron Bay was the worst hit and received 300mm of rain in just 24 hours on Friday, causing flash flooding and forcing businesses to close. 

Sydney and other parts of the state received 100mm of rain on Saturday with more than 200mm expected for Sunday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.  




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