Not on your nelly! Ghostly white elephant scares springbok away from watering hole 


This is the incredible moment a ghostly white elephant surges out of a desert oasis as it chases a herd of springbok.

The pachyderm was transformed from his usual grey hue to the pale shade thanks to an abundance of clay in the watering hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

The huge male elephant drenched the antelope as it playfully charged them at the Nebrowni watering hole in the game reserve in the northwest of the country.

Anja Denker, 51, a visual artist and wildlife photographer from Windhoek, Namibia, captured the stunning pictures in a visit to the park.

She was acting as a photographic guide when she caught the images of the animal – covered in white clay.

Ms Denker said: ‘The elephant had great fun in splashing about in the water, flinging mud around and drenching a few unsuspecting springbok in the process, sending them scattering.

‘He also enjoyed stirring the water up with his feet, eventually getting out of his favourite giant bathtub.

‘I loved watching his playful exuberance in his natural habitat, it seems like he was almost enjoying drenching the antelope whilst spraying about.’

Etosha – where Ms Denker captured the images – is one of the top wildlife destinations in the world.

It attracts many wildlife photographers and it is one of the most popular parks for cameramen and tourists keen to get an authentic safari experience.

But tourists are advised to remain vigilant and never get out of their vehicles unless they are in fenced off camping areas.

The large number of predators in the area make it extremely dangerous – and some are well camouflaged to their environment.

Etosha life is centred around the desert oasis, most notably during the dry season from September to October. 

Popular safari animals including elephants, zebras, lions, antelopes and giraffes linger around there during the scorching heat.


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