O2 Saves You a Tenner off Your Uber Eats Order Every Friday Night for the Next Month


If you’re an O2 customer who likes to splash out on a takeaway on a Friday night, start browsing Uber Eats in preparation for tomorrow because O2 is giving 10,000 customers £10 off.

The promotion is available through the O2 Priority app – which is for O2 customers only, as you may have figured out – and every Friday at 5pm, 10,000 codes will drop for £10 off Uber Eats orders. O2 is running the offer for four weeks, so that’s a total of 40,000 codes, and they’ll be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

The first batch of 10,000 codes go live this Friday, May 15, and the only caveat aside from being fast enough to get one is that the Uber Eats order value needs to be £12 minimum in order to redeem the code. You have until midnight every Friday to grab a code, but if there are any left over by then, I’ll be amazed. We’ve seen the lengths people will go to for their fast food during lockdown  – just look at the issues Burger King and Five Guys had.

You can download the Priority app for iOS and Android, so make sure you’re ready to go at 5pm tomorrow to get a tenner discount, or to use the opportunity to buy and extra £10 worth of takeaway.


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