Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Attributes Manchester United’s Recent Champions League Berth To Star


After weeks of a tightly contested race for a top-four slot in the Premier League, Manchester United has finally secured their Champions League berth with a 2-0 win over Leicester City. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer links this accomplishment to his star scorer Bruno Fernandes.

It has been a big change for Manchester United specifically with how Paul Pogba has turned around his disposition with the team. From being linked to several rumors of leaving to leading the team head-on, Pogba has been a revitalized leader for the Red Devils ever since the games resumed. But one big reason why the star has been rekindled with new energy was how Fernandes has been able to support him carry the expectations of the club.

Per Goal.com, Solskjaer sees the impact Fernandes has on the team and their recent success.

“We have to admit that he’s come in and been a massive influence. A massive impact. He’s been fantastic, scoring goals, creating goals, but also his enthusiasm and mentality around the place has helped,” Solskjaer said.

The season hasn’t necessarily been smooth for Manchester United given how tight the year was across different teams. Their 2-0 win against Leicester City came at the perfect time as it propelled them to third place with a record of 18 wins, 12 draws and eight losses. The standings positioned Chelsea to fourth place and slid Leicester City to fifth place.

This win for Manchester United summed up how well the team has been performing thanks to how Fernandes has constantly stepped up for the club.

“Maybe today you can see a tired Bruno and that’s natural because he’s played too much. You can see his passion, he’s moaning a little bit here and there so we will have to take that away from him at times, but he’s stepped up calm as you like and slotted away the penalty,” Soslkjaer added.

The competition remains tough for Solskjaer with how Liverpool cruised through in winning the Premier League title. But the confidence of the veteran manager remains high and sees no reason to doubt his own abilities.

“I have fantastic staff and the players have bought into this the personalities have taken on board what we have been doing. I’m not going to say I’m not the man, of course, because I’m in the job, I believe in what I’m doing,” Solskjaer concluded.

It will be interesting to see how Manchester United moves forward with their lineup and how the likes of Fernandes will continue to influence their club to greater heights in the near future.


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