On Christmas Day, a 9-year-old boy was attacked by a trainee police dog at a cop’s home.


On Christmas Day, a 9-year-old boy was attacked by a trainee police dog at a cop’s house.

On Christmas Day, a SCHOOLBOY was mauled by a trainee police dog at a cop’s house, requiring stitches in his leg.

Sergeant Fleur Tedshill, a West Midlands Police experienced dog handler, had been caring for the training puppy at her home in Brierley Hill, Birmingham.

After being bitten by the dog, the nine-year-old boy was rushed to Russell’s Hall Hospital. The dog has since been removed from the house.

After her working police dog Snap retired, the black dog, Penny, was being trained by the police officer.

When the attack on the boy happened, Sgt Tedshill and her family were celebrating Christmas Day.

Penny has been taken from her home and placed in the kennels of West Midlands Police, where she will be reassessed.

On Christmas Day, around lunchtime, a neighbor saw emergency personnel rushing to the scene.

“We were expecting some family members to arrive, and when we opened the front door, we saw the ambulance and police cars,” they told The Sun.

“I wasn’t paying attention because I was trying to cook, but I saw a boy being carried out by paramedics.”

“To be honest, I assumed he’d been hurt while opening his Christmas present or something.

“I didn’t realize he had been bitten until later, when someone told me they had seen a dog being led away by the cops.”

It could have gone much worse.”

Another neighbor stated that she saw a “small” dog, similar to a “puppy,” being taken away from the house and that she hasn’t seen it since.

“We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident where a child was bitten by the family’s trainee police dog on Christmas Day 2021,” a West Midlands Police spokesman said.

“When the incident occurred, the trainee police dog was living with an experienced dog handler.

“The nine-year-old was taken to the hospital and had his leg stitched.”

“Fortunately, no long-term physical injuries are expected.”

“The dog is now in the force’s kennels, where she will undergo a series of training assessments to see if she is fit to work as a police dog in the future.”

“We’re still looking into this incident, and it’s been referred to our professional standards department, as is customary in these types of situations.”

“We were called to reports of a medical emergency at a property on Brompton Drive at 11.24am on Christmas Day,” a West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said.

“An ambulance as well as a paramedic officer were dispatched to the scene.


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