On his moving tribute single to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison, Frank Turner


On his moving tribute single to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison, Frank Turner

Following the death of his friend and Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison, singer-songwriter Frank Turner wrote a new song as a tribute to him.

In this video, he discusses the song’s inspiration.

Scott Hutchison committed suicide more than three years ago.

Frank Turner, a close friend and fellow performer of the Frightened Rabbit frontman, claims he saw him in a lucid dream just months after his death.

Scott played a few chords and a melody on his guitar in his final moments, which would later be used in a song written about him.

Frank, an atheist who doesn’t believe in ghosts, remembers waking up after the dream and recording what he’d heard from memory into a voice note before falling asleep again.

‘A Wave Across A Bay,’ a visceral and moving song about Scott’s death, is the result of what he experienced that night.

Despite his obvious pain, Frank comes to terms with Scott’s decision with understanding and acceptance in the song.

The musicians met in 2010 while on tour with their bands and performing at similar festivals.

They met up when their schedules permitted, but their relationship was primarily based on late-night phone calls.

“I first heard their music when an American friend I was touring with said, ‘You’re from Britain, so you must be a Frightened Rabbit fan,’ and I said, ‘Who?’ They gave me a copy of Midnight Organ Fight, and I became obsessed with it, and I still am.”

“Shortly after that, I found myself on the American festival circuit at the same time and on the same level as Frightened Rabbit, so I went to their dressing room and parked myself there, trying to force my friendship on them.”

I believe they had no idea who I was at first, but Scott and I became mutual music fans.

“I love you,” I said, and he replied, “thanks.”

Both bands were transitioning from independent to major labels at the time, and their careers were on similar paths when they met.

Their friendship was founded on their ability to compare notes and share experiences.

“That isn’t the case.”

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