‘One Piece’ 986 Spoilers: Luffy’s Answer For Yamato’s Surprising Request


“One Piece” Chapter 986 would probably hint Luffy’s answer to Yamato’s special request. Kaido’s daughter is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the manga’s The Land Of Wano arc. But, in the current “One Piece” chapter, it was revealed that Yamato has one special request from the captain of the Straw Hats crew.

“One Piece” Chapter 986: Luffy’s Answer To Yamato

In the most recent chapter of the manga, fans learned that Yamato idolizes the Daimyo of Kuri, Kozuki Oden. In fact, it was revealed that Kaido’s daughter is in possession of Oden’s journal. Yamato told Luff that she wanted the Straw Hats’ captain to take her in his ship.

This is the same path that Oden took in his journey. Being a free-spirited man, the Daimyo of Kuri joined Gol D. Roger in his adventures and was a crucial key in the Pirate’s King discovery of the Period of Void, ancient weapons and “One Piece.” In the recent “One Piece” chapter Yamato shared her friendship with Ace and her eagerness to joined Ace’s journey had Kaido not intervened and placed on her the exploding handcuffs.

It looks like Luffy might give his answer to Yamato’s request in joining him in his future adventures in “One Piece” Chapter 986. It can be recalled that Luffy wanted to remove the exploding shackles of Kaido’s daughter to free her but, it was not clear if he was able to do so because they were interrupted by Kaido’s announcement of his Onigashima Project.

“One Piece” Chapter 986: Straw Hats’ New Nakama?

There are lots of theories surrounding Luffy and Yamato’s encounter. Many fans believe that Kaido’s daughter could be the new Straw Hats’ Nakama. Others think that she could be a temporary Nakama just like what Oda did with Vivi and Carrot.

The release of “One Piece” Chapter 986 was delayed because Shonen Jump is on a week-long hiatus. The forthcoming chapter is anticipated to arrive on August 2.


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