‘One Piece’ 987 Spoilers/Predictions: Start of Kaido’s Flashback


“One Piece” Chapter 987 would show Kaido’s flashback according to a bold prediction. The latest chapter showed fans the Beast Pirates’ governor-general giving Momonosuke the chance to stay alive by asking him the same question he asked Oden twenty years ago. The chapter ended with the Red Scabbards trying their best to save Oden’s son with some members along with Kaido collapsing on the stage.

“One Piece” 987: Start of Kaido’s Flashback

On Reddit, a “One Piece” fan named takemake22 shared his insights on the upcoming chapter of the manga. According to him, it is highly likely that “One Piece” Chapter 987 would be the start of Kaido’s flashback. The Redditor pointed out that like in the Whole Cake Island arc, the manga could show the Beast Pirates’ captain’s flashback by showing him experiencing fear. 

However, a few days ago, one of the editors of “One Piece” revealed that chapter 987 made him emotional. If the prediction pans out, it looks like the reason why the editor got emotional could be related to Kaido. The “One Piece” fan also said that like what Oda did with Big Mom, letting the Straw Hats-Tank alliance know one of her weakness gave them the upper hand in the battle.

“One Piece” Chapter 987: Other Details

The latest chapter of the manga showed a lot of interesting things that tickle the imagination. This includes Yamato and Kaido’s relationship. It can be recalled that, upon the removal of Yamato’s shackles, it exploded and sent Yamato fuming against her father. The truth dawned on her that the handcuffs were not meant to frighten her but to kill her if she disobeyed her father.

In “One Piece” Chapter 985, Kaido announced that he intends to change the Wano Kuni into the New Onigashima. He said that he wants her daughter Yamato to be the new Shogun of the country. Will Yamato respect her father’s wishes considering what he did to her? 

What will happen to Momo? Will the Akazaya Samurai be able to rescue him? There is no break this week, which means “One Piece” chapter 987 will arrive on August 10.


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