‘One Piece’ 990 Spoilers: Another Kaido’s Ally Changes Sides


“One Piece” Chapter 990 would reportedly show Luffy being offered a hard-to-turn-down proposition. Things are getting more exciting as the popular manga series inches towards its 1000th chapter. According to the new set of spoilers, “One Piece” Chapter 990 would show another Kaido’s ally turning coat.

The latest “One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers are courtesy of Reddit user and “One Piece” fan Kirosh, who cite Redo from Arlong Park Forums as the source of information. The spoilers teased that X Drake would change sides in the upcoming chapters of the manga.  Apparently, the former Marines is now in the center of Queen the Plague and Whos Who’s crosshair.

“One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers revealed that Queen the Plague, Whos Who and Basil Hawkins discovered that X Drake is the traitor. Queen received information that someone saw X Drake help Trafalgar Law escape from prison. Hawkins predicted that before he was beaten and wounded by his peers, someone’s survival rate is one percent.

“One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers also shared that X Drake felt that he is at the end of the line and that there is no way out. However, the former Marines allegedly remembered what Coby told him about Monkey D. Luffy and changed his mind. The spoilers claimed that X Drake would jump down from the stage and cut one of the Numbers using his X Caliber attack.

Luffy was also fighting another Number using his iconic Gomu Gomu No Kong Gun. Both Worst Generation captains allegedly took down the Numbers. After this, X Drake would reportedly tell Luffy that he has cut his ties with Kaido. “One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers claimed that Drake informed Luffy that he is now an “Isolated Force” and asked him if he could join the alliance.

Unfortunately, “One Piece” Chapter 990 spoilers did not reveal other details about this conversation. It claimed that Luffy’s answer to X Drake was  “Ehh!?” X Drake fighting alongside Luffy and others is an exciting twist in the current arc. Drake is a formidable character and his skills could help reduce the number of their opponents.

“One Piece” Chapter 990 arrives on September 13.


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