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‘One Piece’ 992 Spoilers: Supernovas vs Supernova


“One Piece” Chapter 992 would show the highlights of the fight between Supernovas, according to new fan predictions.

It was revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 991 that Zoro would not accept Luffy’s decision of forging an alliance with X Drake. Because of this, Zoro approached X Drake and they had a skirmish. The chapter also revealed that while these two are bickering, Scratchmen Apoo surfaced.

Although Zoro and X Drake were fighting, they both stood against Apoo and launched their attacks. The latest chapter of “One Piece” showed some highlights of this fight. In one of the panels, Apoo got a taste of what it feels like coming between two angry warriors.

The latest “One Piece” chapter showed that the united attack of Zoro and X Drake sent Apoo flying. It is worth mentioning that Zoro, X Drake and Scratchmen Apoo are all part of the Worst Generation. Before they were called Worst Generation pirates, they were referred to as Supernovas.

The term means they are top rookies from nine various crews who chose one of the seven routes along the Grand Line. These Supernovas are pirates whose captains and crews have bounties above the Beli 100,000,000 threshold. Later they earned the name Worst Generation when they arrived at Sabaody Archipelago and fought against the Celestial Dragons and Marines.

#Onepiece991 Spoilers Images (Part 4)
For the Zoro STANS
Look X Drake, I know you’re a long wolf, but
fighting Zoro was one of the worst mistakes you could have made. Don’t make this man unleash the Mangekyo in the eye._

In the previous chapters of the popular manga, fans saw how these members of Worst Generation had shaped the world by their decisions and actions. Some of them allied to take down common enemies while others decided to be errand boys of yonko Kaido. With X Drake’s alliance to the Straw Hats seemingly sealed in “One Piece” Chapter 991, they are now the biggest group to have multiple Supernovas.

#Onepiece991 Spoilers Images (Part 5)
Apparently, there is some humor in this chapter.
This is what happens when you interrupt a battle of MEN!

Technically, the alliance now has Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Zoro, probably Eustass Kid and Killer. Is Oda foreshadowing the alliance for the great war he said he prepared after the Wano arc? At this point, it is hard to conclude about anything but fans are excited if this is going to be the case.


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