OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds Leak Early


OnePlus has true wireless earbuds on the way and they’re coming in July, says leaker Max J.

— Max J. (@MaxJmb) June 29, 2020

We might actually see these as soon as tomorrow, since the OnePlus Z (or Nord or 8 Lite or whatever) will apparently have  a flash presale tomorrow of just 100 units, according to the official Instagram account.

Max J himself has a very good track record with OnePlus leaks, but he notes that his source for the OnePlus Pods, or whatever they end up being called, is new and doesn’t have a history to rely on. So this could all be bobbins.

Still, if you believe the leaks, the buds look pretty AirPods-like and come in both black and white. No word on pricing and availability yet, but we likely don’t have long to wait. [Pocket-Lint]

Main image: Max J


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