Online shopper saves delivery driver’s life after he has heart attack on his doorstep


A HERO shopper saved the life of a Sainsburys driver who suffered a heart attack as he dropped off his delivery.

Clyde Muir rushed to help delivery worker Felice Salamone on his drive as he passed out in the heatwave.

The 51-year-old performed CPR on the key worker for 15 minutes and kept him alive until emergency services arrived at the property in Enfield, North London.

Dad-of-two Felice has since been discharged from hospital after the episode and is recovering at home for six weeks with his daughters and wife.

He has since thanked Clyde for saving his life, and even called him his “angel” after getting in touch after the incident.

Speaking to The Sun, Clyde said: “It was around 10am on Sunday morning, and I was up in the bathroom just getting myself sorted and my wife shouted up the stairs.

“It was the screaming that told you instantly that something was very very wrong downstairs.

“I legged it as soon as I could, and wondered what’s going on to get that kind of response from my wife.

“By the time I got downstairs he was on his back and was really grey and out of it.

“I knew that the priorities were his airways and to put him in the recovery position, he bumped the back of his head and he was very ashen.

“He wasn’t focusing on me at all, he was more looking through me and I kind of sensed that it was a heart attack.

“The emergency services were telling me what to do, and I was going in time with her to do the CPR.

“My wife went to get the doctor who lives down the road from us and she told me to just carry on what I was doing.

“I lost him while I was doing CPR but managed to get him back by the time that the emergency services arrived.

“They were dressed in those hazmat suits and that was the first time he focused on me and looked a bit shocked at what was going on.

“He was so full of energy when he rang our doorbell and literally seconds after that the poor guy collapsed, and on Father’s Day.

“One of the doctors who lives near to us has since told me that early intervention is absolutely critical.

“The 999 call centre were fantastic, they got me through the whole process and that’s definitely what saved his life.

“Felice has sent me a few WhatsApp messages, Sainsburys passed my number on to him and he’s just said he’s grateful for what happened.

“It’s nice to be able to do something positive after the last three months, as he is a key worker.

“Especially as it was on Fathers Day, I had a feeling he had kids, and I bet he didn’t even see his kids before his shift.

“It’s great to have a good outcome out of all of it, the emergency services said that we looked after him really well.

“He has since told me that he wasn’t even supposed to be working that early, and kept thinking it could have happened in front of his daughters.

“My wife was also there to answer the door which usually she wouldn’t be, it was like the stars aligned that day to ensure that he would be saved.”

Clyde added that his neighbours who saw the episode had sent him some champagne to congratulate him on his heroic act.

In a message to Clyde after the incident, Felice said: “I have no words, to my daughters I will tell them that they still have a dad because you saved my life, this I will never forget.

“You are extraordinary and you deserve the best. See you soon my angel.”
Aydin Gunes, Sainsbury’s Enfield Store Manager, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Clyde for his quick reaction, kindness and bravery.

“Felice is eternally grateful and looks forward to thanking Clyde and his family in person very soon. We wish Felice a speedy recovery.”

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