Pa. welcomes ex-hedge fund CEO.


Pa. welcomes ex-hedge fund CEO.

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) —

(AP) — Ex-hedge fund CEO David McCormick is entering the race for US Senate in Pennsylvania, bringing a glittering resume and high-level connections across government, finance, and politics to a topsy-turvy GOP primary field in one of the country’s most competitive races.

Various state party stalwarts and veterans of former President Donald Trump’s administration are advising McCormick’s campaign in a bellwether-state contest that is expected to determine Senate control.

He grew up on a farm, graduated from West Point, served in the Gulf War, earned a doctorate from Princeton University, worked in senior positions in former President George W. Bush’s administration, and reached the pinnacle of business success as a Wall Street CEO.

McCormick hinted in a brief interview Wednesday afternoon that he would target Biden’s economic and foreign policies, as well as left-wing “woke” culture.

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he described as a “real demonstration of incompetence and a lack of accountability for the Biden administration,” prompted him to run.

“It was emblematic of a march of wokeness and weakness that is seriously threatening our country,” he said.

And I believe it is eroding our values and vitality,” McCormick said.

McCormick, who grew up in Pennsylvania, recently stepped down as CEO of Bridgewater Associates, a hedge fund based in Westport, Connecticut.

To flee, he bought a house in Pittsburgh’s East End and moved from Connecticut, where he had lived since 2009.

With the exit of Trump’s endorsed candidate, Sean Parnell, the Republican primary field is in disarray, with new candidates filling the void.

Due to the retirement of two-term Republican US Senator John McCain, the seat is now vacant.

Toomey, Pat.

On May 17, the primary election will take place.

It is not a slam dunk for McCormick to win.

He is one of three well-connected candidates, including Mehmet Oz, a heart surgeon who is best known as the host of daytime television’s “The Dr. Oz Show.”

The “Oz Show” has moved from blue states to run in red states.

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