Palestinian students are detained by an Israeli special force.


Palestinian students are detained by Israeli special forces.

The university’s lawyer is now investigating the kidnapped student’s situation, according to the university.

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On Monday, an Israeli special force detained and injured a group of Birzeit University students.

“A new crime is being committed by the Zionist criminal forces against Birzeit University and its students,” the university said in a statement posted on Facebook. “Undercover forces [Israeli soldiers disguised as Arabs] and the occupation army stormed the northern entrance to the university; they fired live bullets at students, wounding and detaining a number of them.”

The university’s lawyer is currently investigating the kidnapped students’ circumstances, according to the university.

Birzeit denounced the “blatant attack on the university,” and called on international and human rights organizations to intervene to safeguard educational institutions.

Israeli forces detained five students, according to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa: Ismail Barghouti, Qassam Nakhleh, Abdel Hafeez Sharabati, Walid Harazneh, and Muhammad Al-Khatib.

According to the report, two students were injured as a result of the heavy gunfire.

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