Parents BOYCOTT Married At First Sight and refuse to let their children watch it


Parents across Australia have been left outraged by a sexually suggestive scene that aired on Married At First Sight on Thursday night.

The scene in question involved newlyweds Josh Pihlak and Cathy Evans canoodling in a spa while on their honeymoon in country Victoria.

One furious viewer described the episode as ‘soft porn’, while others expressed their disapproval over the amount of swearing. 

Several parents vowed to boycott the show in protest, while others said they would ban their children from watching it in the future.

One concerned mother wrote on Facebook: ‘I wouldn’t let my kids watch it if they were young with what goes on and the swearing.’ 

Another commented: ‘It’s like soft porn at the moment… I’m not letting my 14-year-old son watch it.’

Meanwhile, over on Twitter the debate about Josh and Cathy’s honeymoon raged on.

‘Do we need to see [them]in the pool?’ one viewer asked. 

Despite some negative feedback, the couple have become fan favourites.

‘Cathy and Josh are easily the only good couple,’ one viewer tweeted.

Another wrote: ‘I actually have really high hopes for Cathy and Josh, they’re really cute together!’

Do you let your children watch Married At First Sight?

Do you let your children watch Married At First Sight?

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Later in the episode, things heated up when Cathy and Josh shared a bath with champagne and rose petals.

‘I can’t get enough of her at the moment,’ Josh said afterwards.

Cathy added: ‘Every time I kiss him I get butterflies and my heart does beat a little bit faster. If he said, “I want to have sex,” I would be there.’

Indeed, the pair hinted they were going to get physical when Josh shooed the camera crew out of their hotel room that night.

‘Alright, you’re going to have to leave. Goodnight!’ he said while slamming the door. 


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