Parents’ horror as a three-year-old girl gets a Peppa Pig watch stuck in her THROAT


A three-year-old girl has survived after part of a Peppa Pig watch became lodged in her throat.

Perth toddler Eadie Byrne, three, was sucking on her watch in her sleep when the character’s head, as well as pins and screws from the clasp, broke off and were swallowed. 

Parents Georgie and Clinton Byrne rushed their daughter to hospital where doctors ordered a CT scan to check whether the metal fastenings had entered her lungs. 

They discovered the smaller pieces had travelled to her stomach while the head-shaped accessory had become stuck in Eadie’s food pipe.  

‘Eadie was complaining of chest pain every 20 mins or so which was the confusing part as we assumed it went through to her stomach,’ Mr Byrne told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We were very surprised she managed to swallow so much of it whilst in her sleep.’ 

The couple are warning others to steer clear of the $15 watch that was purchased at Target, but is also available at Big W, Myer, and on eBay. 

‘Glad to have her back and Georgie has been an amazing mother supporting a very frightened little girl,’ Mr Byrne wrote on Facebook. 

‘I say do not buy it and it should be removed for sale immediately. It is for children three and over and clearly not safe.’ 

Mr Byrne, 44, said he and his wife, 36, were at the Fringe Festival on Sunday when a babysitter called around 8pm to tell them Eadie was upset.

‘Eadie had woken up upset coughing and said she swallowed something,’ he said.

‘Her watch is never left on her when asleep so she got out of bed at some stage during the night and got it and then fell asleep holding it.  

‘It would seem during her sleep she sucked on it and the watch has fallen apart and her reflex was to swallow.  

The mother and father dashed home immediately to take Eadie, who was still breathing but in pain, to Perth Children’s Hospital.

There, staff praised the parents for seeking medical attention straight away.

‘They said this is the reason you go to the hospital immediately once a child swallows a foreign object because you don’t know where the item may be regardless if your child is not choking,’ Mr Byrne said. 

The following day, Eadie had an endoscopy to remove the head, which was about the size of a ten cent coin. 

Following the scare, the father-of-four said his daughter is back to her ‘energetic self’.

‘She certainly knows what has happened but her love for Peppa Pig is stronger than ever.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Target for comment. 


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