Paris Hilton Thinks Pal Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Is Not Fair


Paris Hilton shared her thoughts about her friend Britney Spears’ conservatorship and said that it is not fair for the pop singer to have no control over her life.

On Wednesday, Hilton appeared on “Andy Cohen Live” and talked about her friendship with the “Baby One More Time” singer. Hilton said she met Spears over the summer in Malibu and expressed her love for the pop princess amid the latter’s conservatorship battle.

“I just love her so much. I feel like if you are an adult, you should be able to live your life and not be controlled,” Hilton said as quoted by Us Weekly.

“I think that maybe stems from me being controlled so much so I can understand how that would feel and I can’t imagine right now if that was still happening to me. After just working your whole life and working so hard, she’s this icon and I just feel like she has no control of her life whatsoever and I just don’t think that’s fair.”

Host Cohen asked Hilton if she discussed the conservatorship drama with Spears when they were together. The “I Want to Be A Hilton” star said they don’t talk about the issue and she never asked the singer about it.

“No, I don’t like bringing things up like that,” Hilton continued.

“She is so sweet and so innocent and such a nice girl. We just talk about happy things. Music, fashion … fun things. I never like to bring up negative things and make people feel uncomfortable, so I’ve never talked about it with her.”

In August, Spears asked the court to drop her dad Jamie Spears from her conservatorship. The “Lucky” songstress requested that her longtime care manager Jodi Montgomery be assigned her permanent conservator. Montgomery was appointed as Spears’ temporary conservator in September 2019 but it expired on Aug. 22.

“Britney is strongly opposed to having [Jamie] return as conservator of her person. Rather, she strongly prefers to have Ms. Montgomery continue in that role as she has done for nearly a year. … Britney would like Ms. Montgomery’s appointment as conservator of her person to be made permanent,” Spears’ court documents read.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) expressed their support to Spears amid her conservatorship battle.

“People with disabilities have a right to lead self-directed lives and retain their civil rights,” the ACLU wrote on Twitter.

“If Britney Spears wants to regain her civil liberties and get out of her conservatorship, we are here to help her.”


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