Passengers were terrified when they discovered a massive TARANTULA on their flight.


Passengers were terrified when they discovered a large TARANTULA on their flight.

TERRIFIED passengers were startled to discover a massive tarantula crawling through the overhead lockers on a flight.

The arachnid was discovered on a Mexican airline’s Volarius flight between Mexico and Brazil.

The terrifying moment when the huge spider was seen crawling between the overhead bins was captured on video.

Despite the fact that the crew should have been the ones to catch it, a brave passenger stepped forward to do so.

After passengers below the spider had been moved, a video circulating on social media shows him grabbing the spider with a large piece of plastic.

The spider can be seen wriggling in the plastic after it has been caught, seemingly unharmed.

“This guy captured it while we were flying!” wrote DirectorBrazil, who shared the video on social media.

The incident shocked people online, with many claiming they would not have been able to cope if they had been on the plane.

“I would have had a panic attack,” one person stated.

“That’s terrifying,” someone else said.

I’m going to pass away from fear.”

“As a flight attendant, I would have politely let someone else handle that,” a flight attendant added.

“That spider was too big to have skipped a seat,” someone joked.

It’s unclear how the spider got on the plane, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

During a flight from Australia to Germany in 2018, a passenger discovered a massive Huntsman spider in his bag.

The majority of spiders in the UK do not pose a threat to humans; here is a list of UK spiders that can bite.

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Passengers were left horrified after a huge spider was spotted on a flightA man managed to capture the tarantula mid-flight

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