PC Andrew Harper’s killer brags ‘I’ll be out one day’ as he moans about being bored behind bars


ONE of PC Andrew Harper’s killers has boasted how he’ll be “out one day” and moaned about being behind bars.

Albert Bowers, 18, along with 19-year-old Henry Long and Jessie Cole, also 18, were charged with the murder of the brave officer but were instead found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Long, Bowers and Cole hugged each other to the sound of their cheering families as the verdicts were read out at the Old Bailey on Friday.

As he was waiting to face trial, Bowers sent celebration cards home to his mum Donna, who ­posted images of the cards on Facebook.

He also posted two two hand-drawn pictures of golfers and semi-literate handwritten notes, the Sunday People reports.

Bowers said: “Mum I know it ain’t a birthday card but I had to send you…

“I know it probley wont the best birthday but I’ll be out one day and we will have a better day wont we.

“Hope you had the best day you could of had.

“I pot two golf piks in that I done while I’ve been sat in me room bored. Love you mum xxxx” And in a card addressed to his sister, he whinged: “I wish I was out with ya.”

PC Harper’s widow Lissie, who had only married her childhood sweetheart weeks before his death, wept as the decision was given.

She bravely read a heartfelt statement outside the court describing how she has her “own life sentence”.

And she described her husband as “selfless, beautiful and heroic” and called his killers “senseless, barbaric and brutal”.

Mrs Harper said: “In all honesty I am for the second time in the space of one year utterly shocked and appalled.

“The decisions made in these courts by strangers will never change the outcome that had already come to us.”

Long, Bowers and Cole had watched the verdict via videolink after the jury had deliberated for almost two days.

The former had earlier admitted manslaughter, while all three had denied murder.

The trio are now facing substantially shorter jail sentences after being convicted of the lesser charge.

It came after the court heard a car driven by Long at “breakneck speed” swung PC Harper “like a pendulum” along a country lane, as he apprehended the teen gang during a botched robbery near Reading, Berks.

The heartless thugs smirked and laughed as his horrific injuries were read out to jurors.

While Bowers was so bored during the trial he fell asleep as the prosecutor showed jurors video footage of the Thames Valley Police officer being dragged to his death.

It can now be reported that Long had previously threatened to “ram” a police officer as he chatted with a police community support officer.

Ringleader of the teen gang Long was also revealed to be a thief who was taken out of school aged 12 by his father after he got into trouble with teachers.

Jurors were told how the teens had tried to steal the £10,000 bike from the home of Peter Wallis in remote Bradfield Southend, when they were apprehended by PC Harper.

The gang had cased the property earlier in the day and later returned masked and armed with an axe, crowbars and a length of pipe to use against anyone in their way.

PC Harper and his colleagues came across the gang driving towards them on narrow Admoor Lane.

Cole unhitched the bike and dived through a passenger window to escape the hero cop who had got out of the unmarked BMW police car.

But PC Harper’s ankles then got caught in the tow rope attached to the suspects’ getaway car as they drove off.

He was dragged along the stretch of road at up to 60mph by the SEAT in horrendous circumstances.

The court heard that the officer – who was responding to the reported theft four hours after the end of his shift on August 15 last year – would have been rendered unconscious almost immediately and was unable to free himself.

PC Harper’s body was completely naked apart from his socks when discovered by the officer’s horrified colleagues.

The officer was “barely alive” but died at the scene a short time later.

His tragic and agonising death was just four weeks after marrying sweetheart Lissie Beckett.

Long initially denied involvement in the incident and told police in a prepared statement that he had been watching The Goonies and Fast And Furious DVDs.

Jurors heard that he told detectives: “Look at me. Do I look like a murderer?”

Later, on September 18, when Long was charged with murder and conspiracy to steal, he said: “I don’t give a f*** about any of this.”

But during the trial Long finally admitted he had killed the police officer and said it made him feel “disgraceful”.

Mr Blaik added: “They had every opportunity to do that and it was a conscious decision by them not to assist police from the very outset, all the way through, and even during the trial.”


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