People live without clothes in a hidden community just off the M25.


The unclothed community just off the M25

At the site, which has been home to naturists for nearly 100 years, 50 people live.

For nearly 100 years, a group of like-minded people has been quietly living in a gated estate just off the M25 – and doing so without wearing clothes.

Spielplatz, which first opened its doors in 1929, now houses 50 naturists who prefer to spend their time naked.

According to HertfordshireLive, the gated community near Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire accepts nudity as the norm.

There are 50 people living there, according to resident Tom Dyrer-Beers.

Summer camping at Spielplatz (Image:

“We tend to keep a low profile,” Tom said.

But it’s great among other naturists because we can just talk to each other without any issues.”

Tom, a Pennsylvania native, became interested in naturism when he began modeling for life drawing classes, one of which his future wife Victoria attended.

Victoria has been drawing bodies since she was 16 years old and is very at ease with the human form.

However, she lacked confidence in her own skin, and Tom was the one who gradually piqued her interest in naturism.

Victoria gardening in her underwear (photo courtesy of a family member)

Victoria says, “Tom is so enthusiastic about it.”

“I believe it took me a little longer because society does not consider it to be a normal occurrence.”

As a woman, society instills a strong sense of self-awareness in you.

As a naturist, you realize that none of that matters.


“You realize that our bodies go through stages.

This concept of a “beautiful body” is ridiculous.

It’s a sham.

I just wish more people were aware of it.

Many people are misinformed about places like this.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

“Seeing people without clothes makes you think, ‘Oh, that’s it.’ You have to focus on who they are as people, and that becomes the most important thing.”

There are no clothes to indicate your social status or which group you belong to.

It’s just you as a human being.”

Tom is a naturism enthusiast (photo courtesy of his family).

“It’s a whole different story if you get used to seeing people as they are,” Tom explained.

Spielplatz was established.

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